Living at Elms

Living at Elms is an experience like no other. Being a part of the community in residence halls which bustle with activity, and in the dining hall where intellectually curious students congregate and socialize, drives students’ passions inside and outside of the classroom. Our residence halls are your home away from home, and of course are an excellent place to hang out, watch movies, play video games, or otherwise make lifelong friends.

Living on campus brings a unique flavor to your college experience, one that includes camaraderie and fraternity. Your peers become the springboard from which you live and learn.

There is no residency requirement for enrolled students, but it is highly recommended that all students, even those who are local, consider living on campus. The immediacy with which you have access to resources on campus, such as the library, career services, the Maguire Center, and academic events cultivates a sense of community for which the Sisters of St. Joseph originally strived.

Student Handbook